Originating from Puglia (Massimo’s own region) Burrata translates to “buttery” in Italian.

Burrata being a pouch of hot mozzarella filled with a soft stracciatella filling of curds and cream. Incredibly soft and luscious with a light tang and a sweet sourness, melting in the mouth and coating the tongue.

With a rich, buttery, milky flavor Burrata or Stracciatella can be served on a bruschetta, top a pizza or pasta or indulge on its own.

Available in a 125g tub, made from pasteurized cow’s milk and suitable tor vegetarians




NZ Specialty Cheeses Association Awards 2015 – Gold Medal – Burrata
NZ Specialty Cheeses Association Awards 2016 – Silver Medal – Truffle Burrata
Additionally, Juliet Harbutt selected our Burrata to appear in her recent edition of ‘World of Cheeses’.