Our Fresh Mozzarella cheeses

Mozzarella is a“stretched-cured” cheese meaning that during the production process the curd is pulled, kneaded and shaped while it is still pliable. This is then fashioned into various shapes and sizes; Mozzarella 125g, Bocconcini 25g, Cherry Bocconcini 9g.

Mozzarella has a soft, moist texture with a delicate milky flavour and is low in fat.

Delicious on fresh an antipasto platter, paired with farm ripe tomatoes & fresh basil, toss through a pasta and of course pizza!

Available in 125g tubs our fresh Mozzarella is made from pasteurized Cow’s milk, preservative free and suitable for vegetarians.

Massimo’s Buffalo Mozzarella is available in 125g balls and produced from milk sourced from a local herd farmed in Whangaripo Valley

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